A crown is a hood specially made for your tooth.

If you have a tooth where it is not durable with a plastic filling, a crown is the best solution. A crown is more durable than plastic and ensures that the tooth does not break. If your tooth has been rooted, it is recommended that you get the crowned tooth to avoid the fracture of your rooted tooth.


A bridge consists of several links. If you lack one or more teeth in the tooth row, a bridge can be inserted.

Usually, a crown treatment takes place on several visits, but here at the clinic we have equipped at the clinic, to make the crowns the same day. At the first visit, one drills in the tooth and removes filling residues so that a digital imprint can be taken for a crown. The print is sent to the clinic’s design computer, which specializes in the crown so that it fits specifically to your tooth. You get the crown on later that day. Larger reconstructions must be sent to our dental laboratory in Denmark. We use Reipurth Dental as they are a very competent dental laboratory.


The first picture shows the individual sessions in a crown treatment.

1) Fracture of tooth, where it is not possible to produce a filling that is durable.

2) Drilling and adjusting the tooth so that it is ready for a crown.

3) Cementing the crown on the tooth stump.


There are several different types of crowns including the most commonly used: Metal Ceramic (MK), Full Ceramic, and Gold Crowns.

The picture illustrates the 3 different crowns in the order listed.

The full ceramic is used frequently in the frontal region, as they provide an aesthetically better result than the other two. MK and gold crowns have good mechanical abilities and are still used regularly, although the full ceramic are used more often and more often, as the technology and the development of these have given the fully ceramic crowns almost the same resistance and durability in the cheek tooth region as the other crowns.

The last picture shows a patient who has got several full ceramic crowns on his teeth with a cosmetically satisfactory result.