If you lack one or more teeth, an implant is an option. An implant is an artificial tooth root inserted into the jaw bone. Implants have the shape of a screw, which is usually 3-5 mm thick and 8-16 mm long and is made of titanium, which can grow firmly in the jaw bone. An implant must be operated into the jaw bone and after a few months the implant has grown together with the bone. After the procedure, a porcelain crown is placed on the implant.

Hvis der mangler flere eller alle tænder vil det være muligt at lave en implantatbro eller en helprotese, hvor man indsætter 2-4 implantater i kæben som via. tryklåse holder protesen fast.


Before any treatment is done, it is important to have some x-rays taken to see how much space there is in the jaw. Then the toothset should be printed.

When the plan is laid, the implant is operated into the jaw bone, which takes place under local anesthesia – painlessly. After the operation, you will experience soreness, but no specific pain.

The implant must now heal for 2-3 months, so that the implant and the jaw bone can grow together. In the interim period, you need to get regular checks. Then a porcelain crown will be put on the implant.


Straumann Implants are used in the clinic, as it is a product that has been proven and well documented.

Studies have shown that the survival of the implant after 10 years is close to 100%, making it a long-lasting solution.

With these thoroughly tested implants, we can guarantee you a solution that will give you the smile back.